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“Badakhshan Travel” company has been in tourism market of Tajikistan for almost 10 years, significantly inputting into the tourism promotion in Tajikistan, via tours and tourism services provision across Central Asia. The company offers various tourism services to those interested to visit magnificent Pamirs Mountains, beautiful mountain terrains, sparkling springs and lakes, and experience unique hospitality of Tajik people.


We also can arrange air adventure tour for the clients for Dushanbe-Khorog directions . Dushanbe Khorog air route is considered to be the most difficult and a t the same time fascinating and exotic air routes of the world. The duration of the flight is 45-60 min depending on the type of the aircraft Over the territory of Pamirs there are over 900 lakes. Those who are interested in visiting those and do fishing will have great opportunity to enjoy these astonishing lakes.


Moreover, we also provide opportunities for interested tourists to rest and get treatment in hot-springs of Pamirs in Tajikistan: Garm Chashma, Avj, Bibi Fotimai Zuhro and Jelondi. Professionalism and punctuality are our main credo, and we strive to constantly improve our services via trainings held by international experts in the field. Since 2010 the company has become a member of Pamir Ecological Tourism Association, which integra tes leading tour companies in Tajikistan.

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Jeep tours: "Two itineraries can be considered for arriving in the Pamirs (link to First is through Tajikistan via the capital of the country Dushanbe. Distance from Dushanbe to Khorog is more than 500 km on one route and 700 km on another. By air it takes 45 minutes, but flights depend on weather conditions and the availability of a sufficient number of passengers on both ends. Air tickets are not sold in advance due to unpredictable weather. On-land transportation is more readily available, but it takes around 20 hours drive on the bumpy road, which goes over high passes before entering the mountainous Badakhshan.

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Trekking: Our company developed new trekking itineraries starting from one day to one month for different kind of tourists (beginners and advanced). You can choose East Pamirs if you like a desert area and West Pamirs with rocky landscape. Accordi ng to your interest you can visit an old Zoroastrian castles, graves as well as the Ismaili (link to holy places. There are three peaks more than 7,000m and many 5,000m, 6,000m and more named and unnamed peaks available in the territory of Pamirs.

Peaks: Ismoili Somoni 7,495m; Abu Ali Ibn Sino 7,134m; Korzhenevskiy 7,105m; Istiqlol 6,974m; Moskva 6,785; Marks 6,726m; Engels 6,310m; Qizildong 5,704m.

1. Jawshangoz, Turumtaykul lake Jelondi hot springs, Murghab, Qizildong peak 5,704m (10 days trekking);
2. Rushan, Bartang, Ghizev, Sarez lake (9 days trekking)
All over the Pamirs territory you can stay for overnight in the homestays

Rock Climbing: Is to negotiate vertical (on rocky terrain only and it does not involve any ice or snow).To negotiate vertical rock, one must learn how to rock climb (technically) using climbing gear.Some of the equipment that is used in rock climbing is never used in other kind of climbing.

Fixed Date Tours Starting from May 2011 we launch new developed product ‘Fixed Date Tours’ for thos e who are interested in spending their holidays in Pamirs of Afghanistan and Tajikistan most cost efficiently.

Registration to fixed date group tours over Pamirs in Tajikistan and Afghanistan for interested groups and individuals in 2011:
- On 5th of each month 12 days tours over Pamirs Tajikistan
- On 18th of each month 16 days tours over Pamirs of Afghanistan


Director: Manucher Kadamshoev
Address: Khorog 736 000 Tajikistan 736 000

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